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Our Muffin Story

Creating the Perfect Treat

My son was born with a gluten, dairy and soy intolerance. As a little kid in school, he was unable to eat the treats brought in by his classmates for birthdays and classroom parties. After returning home from school unhappy following several classroom events, we look for solutions. Gluten-free cookies, candies, popcorns, and chips were not the same. "I want cake like the other kids, Mommy", my son replied. So after that, the search for the perfect treat began.

Considering his love of bananas, I created a gluten-free banana bread loaf. We would cut large slices of the bread and drizzle frosting on them. My son thought this was the best treat he'd ever tasted. "More banana cake, Mommy!" he would say. This was his special treat for years to come.

We would send his special treat to school on party days and events, and this worked out great. The problem was solved and we created the perfect treat. 

After years of making banana bread cake for my son, many others also fell in love with the banana bread loaf and began requesting more. The loaf became muffins for easier distribution to family and friends and due to demand, we could not make enough. 

One day, a close family friend said, "You should sell these! They are absolutely delicious." From this encouragement, Lil Q's was created. The "Q" is for Queen, so they are "Little Queen's" muffins. My son constantly reminds us that he is the reason Lil Q's were created. So we tell him, absolutely, you are the prince of muffins!

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